Monday, 22 April 2013

On the brain

It's been a busy few weeks for all things wedding related.  We attended a lovely wedding in Wellington over Easter, New Zealand passed the Marriage Amendment Bill - Yah!  and those of you who read John's blog will know that we have confirmed a date and venue for our wedding.

And it's fair to say I am putting a fair bit of pressure on myself to start the planning in earnest.  I have to admit to already having quite a few lists.

The trip over to the Wairarapa - hilariously detailed in John's blog - was an incredibly full on day.  For the first time I felt quite stressed.  I could see how the ideas we had for our wedding day could slip away with an overbearing venue boss, or in a location that just wasn't right.  Fortunately, there were many positives, and we have come away knowing that while we will have a lot of work to do, we are completely happy and confident with our decisions.

Now that we have confirmed those key details we can start looking at all those other elements that we want to be part of our day - the usual suspects like flowers, photography, food, cake, as well as a few that are a little more unusual and that I won't talk too much about here.  We do want a few surprises for our guests on the day.

Next on the planning itinerary is the Wellington Wedding Show in early May and which happens to be the day after a friend's hen party, so hopefully I won't be too worse for wear!  I plan on trying to relax on the wedding planning front for the next few weeks, some of the big decisions and bookings have been made, and there really is no need to put that much pressure on right now. 

Oh, and in a few weeks we are moving in together so there are other things to be getting organised.  Probably time for another list!

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