Monday, 6 May 2013

What I took away from the Wedding Show...

I was planning to write about the Wellington Wedding Show - the vendors that impressed, that disappointed, and those who freaked us out a little!

But instead I will tell you about what happened after the Wedding Show.

I have to admit that I did attend the show a little under the weather.  There was a friend's hens night the evening before, that had lasted into Sunday morning, and had at various moments included high tea, dinner, sangria, dancing, shots and a pole dancing class!

The sensory overload that was the wedding show combined with over-tiredness left me wide awake last night, and having a minor meltdown about decisions that had to be made and money that had to be saved.  And contrary to how it may appear given the singular focus of this blog, being also a mum, a partner, a friend, and having a challenging job, free time is not in abundance... so when the heck am I going to find time to do all this stuff?? 

And as anybody who has ever lain awake with irrational thoughts racing through their heads will know, midnight meltdowns suck!

Fortunately. I eventually got to sleep and woke with a lot more perspective and even some mantras to remember when (inevitably) I get like that again:

    1.  We have already made some of the biggest decisions!
    2.  We will get this done (with a little help)!
    3.  We will save what we can.  We will need to DIY and compromise, and that's ok!
    4.  It is one day.  What we say and commit on that day in front of our loved ones is way more     important that the tiniest details no one will remember.
    5.  Wedding-free time is crucial.  Time spent with an almost 12 year old daughter is precious, watch old movies with John, goof off at Lunatic class with the girls, run!, read.  All those things that keep me sane and happy.

And, along with some photographers to follow up, and some dresses I will certainly be checking out, this is what the Wellington Wedding Show helped me realise.

It was worth it.

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  1. This whole experience is awesome and you've got enough time to really enjoy it too. And, you always know who to turn to - be it wedding planning or anti-wedding wine :) xx