Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Important messages from the sponsors

There have been some pretty big things going on in the Clarke/Harkness/Petterson family over recent times, which go some way to explaining the total absence of blog-like activity.

First some important messages:

1.  Happy Birthday to my darling daughter who turned 12 on 16 May.  You are my shining star and I am so proud of you!
2.  Happy 1st birthday on 17th May to my cute little nephew Nixon! 
3.  Happy 34th wedding anniversary to my mum and dad for 5 May!  Such an achievement and an inspiration.
4.  All the best to Mark and Tracy, getting married next week in Rarotonga.  We so wish we could be with you to celebrate, but we will be thinking of you!
5.  Bon voyage to Heather, who is off to Raro for the wedding and then heading off on an amazing adventure to the States.  We will miss you heaps, but hope you have a ball!!
And in wedding news...
Thanks so much to everyone who came to our engagement party.  Many of you travelled, got babysitters for little ones, and ventured out on a Wellington evening to celebrate with us.  It was a great night, and every bit as fun as we had hoped.
And in a wedding update...
We have a photographer!  Photography is one of those things we decided early on was really important to us, so it was super important we located the perfect photographer.  After looking at loads of websites and meeting with several we made a choice.  We love our photographer's dramatic and creative use of weather, architecture and different backgrounds as well as his photojournalistic style.  He also seems calm and organised, and totally not over-the-top and in our faces (very important attributes!)
Now off to consult the planner to see what's next to sort, or maybe an episode of Doctor Who and a glass of wine!


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