Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Less Than a Year

No blog posts for two months...? 

Yup, got nothing.  Let's move on.

We decided to play tourist over in the Wairarapa one weekend very recently as our wedding is a destination one for the vast majority of our guests...and then we could make recommendations on things to do.  This is a bit odd for me as I grew up there, and see things in a very different light, but John had several tourist like activities he had wanted to check out for a while and that's what we did.

But we also managed to get in some wedding planning along the way.  We stayed in the resort/hotel where our reception will be, and had dinner cooked by the on-site caterers we have booked.  This was nerve-racking!  While we had heard positive things...what would we do if it was awful?  Thankfully, it was amazing!  Fresh, locally sourced, ingredients, matched with beautiful, and again local, wines.  So yum, and the complimentary cocktails were a lovely bonus.

On the Sunday we travelled out to our ceremony venue, which is where we will also be having our formal photographs.  There we met our photographer to have a practice photo session.  I have had a bit of grief about being SO organised that our practice photos were exactly a year out from the wedding, but it was at our photographer's suggestion.  He reasoned that it was the perfect time to see just how our venue looks mid-winter, and to get to know us better well before the wedding planning (and stress) really gets going. 

We dressed up a little and then wandered all over the location looking for photo spots, with the photographer identifying places we hadn't even thought of.  It was surprisingly fun, romantic, and relaxed and I am incredibly grateful that we did it.

Next up, when my gorgeous bridesmaid returns from her travels, will be dress hunting.  Hopefully that will be just as fun.  Update to follow!

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  1. Oh my god, dress hunting is going to be sooo much fun!! Doing a pre-wedding photo session is such a good idea. :)